This rechargeable CAT work light is very convenient for working on job sites where there is no electricity. For car repairs, camping, working sites, etc… this work light can resist any bump thanks to its rugged bumper protection and is waterproof.

Easy to carry around with its rotating handle you just need to charge it and it is ready to use. The rechargeable CAT work light is a bit similar to my second item on the list; they both are portable, waterproof and possess a mobile device charger. The major difference with the CAT work light is that it is more solid. If you need to choose between one of the two, the final decision should be based on what you need it for, leisure or work?

For leisure like outdoors activities, fishing, camping, etc… the number 2 on the list is better. But for any jobs like car repairs, construction sites, etc the CAT rechargeable work light is a better option because it is impact resistant.


  •  Waterproof and bump resistant
  •  Bright Light
  •  USB Port


  •  None