The Festool SysLite work lamp is quite an amazing “work pocket lamp”. It got a very bright light with a 170-degree dispersion, this allowing you to catch any tiny details in small spaces but also having a good look at the big pictures in wider spaces.

The LED bulbs provide you with an even and consistent light for four hours which is quite good for a portable work light of this size. You can also plug it directly to a power source if you need it for a longer time. It is compact and ideal for tight spaces like under a cabinet or in the attic for example. It is also very solid, you can drop any heavy tool on it or drop it… it just won’t break.

Another nice plus of SysLite is that it is provided with a car charger a hook and a tripod mount. You can hold it in your hand without problem, the LED bulbs won’t get hot. Its high price is easily justified by all its featured items, its quality and solidity.


  •  High Quality
  •  Impact Resistant
  •  No Heating
  •  Ideal For Tight Spaces


  •  Higher Price
  •  Battery Life