The next work light is an all-in-one. This Gear Aid ARC is a rechargeable light and a portable power station with 60 LEDs. It is good for indoors as well as outdoors whether you need it for camping or just use it as a hanging lantern for backyard parties (a stainless steel hook and a diffuser bag are included for this purpose).

The brightness is adjustable from 20 lumens to 320 lumens and the color temperature can be changed into three different atmospheres, cool to read or see details, neutral to work around a campsite and warm to use a an outside lantern. It is also ideal if you travel a lot because Gear Aid ARC is a reliable charger for any mobile devices like phone, tablet, camera, iPhone, etc… It also features an SOS light in case of emergency on the road.

This portable work light can last several days without being charged, from 8 to 96 hours of light depending on the brightness setting. An android mobile phone can be charged 3 times and an iPhone up to 5 times.

The Gear Aid ARC works thanks to a lithium ion battery that cannot be removed. It has to be charged through its included USB cable.
This is the most expensive item on the list but it is worth every penny, you can use it for so many different purposes as a light, as a charger, you can carry it around with you it doesn’t take much space. During a natural catastrophe like earthquake or tornadoes this portable light and power station is gonna be your best friend for sure.


  •  Reliable Charger
  •  Compatible With a Lot of Digital Devices
  •  Different Light Settings
  •  Long Lasting Batteries
  •  Multi-functional


  •  Higher Price, But Worth Every Penny