This portable LED spotlight is perfect for any outdoors activities like camping, fishing, sports, etc… unlike the Snap-on LED work light, this one is waterproof, plus it is smaller and much lighter which makes it easier to carry everywhere around like when going on hiking for example.

Its 24 LED light bulbs provide you with a very bright light absolutely necessary when night falls or when powers shut down. It works thanks to a built-in rechargeable lithium battery that can last for around 12 hours straight. What makes this spotlight one of the best outdoor product is its two special features: the first one is its 2 USB ports that can be used to recharge any mobile device.

The second special features is its roadside emergency gear : if you happen to be in distress on the road you can signal it with this spotlight by just turning on the flashing red and blue LED lights.


  •  Waterproof
  •  Handy
  •  Good Price


  •  None